5479 North Shore Drive, Duluth, MN, 55804

Todd White, Host Artist

Artist Todd White

The philosopher Anaxagoras said it is by having hands that humans are the smartest of all animals. I know this to be true, because my mind is fully alive when I work with my hands. Inspired by medieval manuscripts and early printed books from the 15th century, I work with my hands, a letter at a time, setting historic types and creating printing blocks to pay homage to a fifteen hundred year old tradition of book arts. I use my own writings & my encounters with the denizens of the greenwood at the edges of Duluth to give other old book arts traditions, drollery & fable, a modern touch.

Jonathan Walburg, Guest Artist

Artist Jonathan Walburg

Lake superior pottery is unique functional tableware that embodies a flavor of the Great Lakes region. With porcelain as my base, I mix in local sand, rock and clay while coating it with handmade traditional ash-glazes from the surrounding beautiful hardwoods. 

Simple ingredients. A piece of the area.

My technique and methods are influenced by my apprenticeship at the St. John’s Pottery in Minnesota (2004-06) under Richard Bresnahan, studies in Karatsu, Japan (2006-10) and Ulsan, Korea (2010). 

During this time, I was able to visit historic and culturally treasured areas famous for their pottery. Each region aesthetically distinct from each other as geology changed creating unique pottery specific to that area.  With the pottery I purchased, I felt I was bringing home a piece of that place.  It was this idea I loved and wanted to share in my own pottery.

These experiences nurtured a love of clay, local materials, clay history, and wood-kilns. I create on a Japanese-style wooden kick wheel and processed local clays and ashes for pottery-use in my home just south of Bayfield in Washburn, WI.