7063 App Road, Two Harbors, MN

Lucky Dog Farm, Host

Lucky Dog Farm, founded in 2016, is an owner-operated biodynamic producer of small fruits, produce, and prepared foods.

Ashley Hise, Guest

I have always been drawn in by the growth patterns found in shells and bones – they evoke for me that intuitive feeling of a spiritual ordering principle at work; the ancient, reassuring relationship between transfiguration and time.  The ridges and curves in my work are inspired by the bones; they are fluid and unfolding, graceful and strong, they speak to me of water, birth and the evolving nature of physical existence.  During my process of wheel-throwing, sculpting and firing I like to emphasize that which is not in my control: the cracks that form as the clay is stretched along a curve, the movement and mixing of glazes as they react to the heat of the kiln, and the materials in the clay that flash and blush from the kiln atmosphere.

Jeff Hall, Guest

I am thankful for the people that have helped me along the way.  Learning an art form takes a whole lot of time and experimentation.  Now that I have been doing wood art for about 8 years, I see patterns and design ideas almost every where..

Elizabeth McComb, Guest

I am constantly inspired by the unlimited artistic possibilities of using natural elementals with clay. Some of those elementals are deer antler, driftwood, Lake Superior rock, leather, ash, and Earth tone colors. Local organic materials are gathered and used whenever possible. This adds to the many pieces that are designed with a simple rustic elegance while having an artistic flair. Each piece of pottery is fully functional for everyday use.