7221 Laine Road, Two Harbors, MN

Boreal Bounty Farm – Host Farm

Organic Farmers Pat and Steve Berger

Established in 2017, Boreal Bounty Farm is a family-owned 20-acre farm 7 miles northwest of Two Harbors, MN. Our vision is to provide fresh, quality, organically grown produce and products for ourselves and our community. We are truly amazed at the transformation of a seed into our harvest. We are Seed to Stand.

Christian Dalbec – Guest Artist

Photographer Christian Dalbec

Christian Dalbec is a Lake Superior photographer known for being ‘In and around the lake’. Leaving behind a life of alcoholism, Christian found photography to be the better obsession. Soon he began experimenting with underwater and wave photography. Follow along on the journey by checking out Christian Dalbec Photography on Facebook, Instagram or visiting my website.

Michael Kapsos – Guest Artist

Artist Michael Kapsos

For me it’s always about taking complex ideas and creating them in a simple way. One of the most exciting things about creating art is the process. Art can almost seem magical, from a simple idea comes a finished creation. My focus is to create new ways to use traditional metalsmith techniques. My designs are modern, dynamic and unpredictable. I try to create elegant movements of line and shape and I hope you enjoy  them. I love to share my creations with people and welcome your feedback.

Craig Bruce – Guest Artist

Artist Craig Bruce

I have been making pottery since 1986 when I was enrolled at UW-Superior. Clay’s ability to record every action upon it is an endless source of fascination.  I seek to create pots that record purpose and directness, a quiet strength which reveals more of itself over time; like talking and being with good friends.  I draw my inspiration from the wellspring of humanity’s enchantment of pottery for more than 40,000 years.  The cultural   diversity of how to form mud into a vessel is breathtaking.  I endeavor to capture this essence of shared history so it will continue to communicate a subliminal feeling of “rightness” about my pots.