Studio SR

7057 Culbertson Rd, Two Harbors, MN, 55616

Saddle Rock Pottery, Host Artist

Bruce and I collaborate on design and execution of function pottery using various surface decoration techniques to make “every day” pieces something special. Inspired by our faith and the beauty of our surroundings (everything from the forest floor to treetops, wildlife and our own beloved critters) we love to create pieces that people will love for years to come, whether it is a favorite mug or a serving dish.

Ruby McCormick, Guest Artist

My goal is to create beautiful and lasting jewelry, made to be worn outside. I am inspired by being outside and wanting my jewelry to be used. I always love wearing earrings on any expedition and make my earrings with a vision that they will be used not just for special occasions but also used on adventures and in everyday life. My biggest inspiration is Lake superior. Being outside and walking along the shore just brings you to such a calm and tranquil space. I am inspired by the calmness of nature and by wanting to be outside. I love the north shore because it feels like home. I grew up in St.Paul but since moving to Duluth for college I feel I am truly at home. I love the lake, I love being able to drive 10 min and be in the middle of nowhere. I love how many different landscapes and forests are all around us up here. I truly am in love with nature and being able to feel like I am living with nature makes my heart happy.