Frequently Asked Questions

Visitors enjoying some lovely pit-fired ceramics.

Do I need to wear a mask while enjoying the art?

Yes! To protect our guests and artists we are requiring that masks be worn in both indoor and outdoor areas. Please mask up.

Where should I park?

Expect some extra traffic and look out for pedestrians when attending the tour. At each studio stop, parking options may vary. Driveways that are not safely accessible to multiple vehicles will block cars from entering by posting barriers or signage. You may need to park along roadsides at many stops.

Are there bathrooms?

Most studios will not have a restroom, and are located at a private home. For your comfort we suggest planning stops during the day at our gracious sponsors’ businesses, where you can also pick up great food and drinks! We will also be happy to direct you to the nearest convenient locations.

Can I bring my dog?

The studio tour can be a day long adventure, so many people choose to bring their dogs along for the ride. For the safety of the artwork and the personal wishes of each private studio, we ask that visitors speak with the hosts at each location before letting a dog out of the car to determine what is OK for that stop.

If you are visiting for the tour and are looking for a great place for your dog to take a bathroom break and get some exercise, we recommend visiting our seasonal Two Harbors Dog Park, located at 301 8th Ave in Two Harbors, MN.

Is the tour accessible for limited mobility?

We want our tour to be accessible for you! Because of the unique and private locations of our studios, and the weather conditions that may arise, sometimes we may have a hard time predicting how accessible each location will be. Visitors can expect some bumpy terrain and sometimes short walks. There may also be a step or steps at some stops. If you are concerned about safely accessing our tour, please contact us directly with more questions so that we can assist in planning a safe and enjoyable visit for all of our guests.

Are the studios indoors or outside?

The Lake Superior 20/20 Studio and Art Tour is BOTH! You will find artwork set up inside studios and outside in tents. Because our Minnesota weather does not always cooperate, if you are visiting us from out of the area, be prepared for any and all weather conditions, including beautiful fall weather, rain, snow, or anything in between!

What else is there to do in the Two Harbors area?

There are many wonderful opportunities awaiting you in Two Harbors! Please click the button below to visit our friends at the Two Harbors Chamber of Commerce to see places to stay and things to do when you join us for the Lake Superior 20/20 Studio & Art Tour.