512 Tomberg Rd., Two Harbors, MN

Shelley Getten, Host

What I hope to achieve, through my art, is what poet, John Caddy, aims at in his book, Morning Earth – to offer “a celebration of Earth’s daily gifts”, “a path to intimacy with nature and an awareness that we are the conscious part of Earth”. Each of my poems or prints is a “snapshot” into the intimate relationship we have with Nature – it is what connects us to the creative energy in NATURE itself. I offer these gifts in the work I create, and in sharing the process of printmaking with those who would like to learn.

Jeff Hall, Guest

Jeff has always been an artist. In the unique nature of each piece of raw wood he finds his muse. Through a combination of wood burning, different colorants, and finishes, he decorates each piece as they evolve over months or even years.

Dan Paulson, Guest

Daniel Paulson is a Minnesota artist who focuses on using local material such as clay, ash, and crushed rock to create one of a kind glazes and ceramic forms. Daniel’s work, which allows for unique serendipity of fire to combine with the mysterious elements of the local clay and ash that create rustic, but stunning results that cannot be replicated.

Daniel also spends time lamp working making different forms, functional and decorative. His inspiration comes from life underwater. Glass is a fluid medium that wants to imitate water. The colors and canes that Daniel make are carefully twisted and blended to create one of a kind aesthetics that are truly unique.