512 Tomberg Rd., Two Harbors, MN

Shelley Getten, Host Artist

Art connects us in ways we are still discovering…I love that connection whether it occurs through literature, music, dance or visual arts – art is our “life” story as Earth’s current inhabitants.  When I make prints or paintings, the image seems to come alive – it’s like magic!

Daniel Paulson, Guest Artist

I take functional forms that people can use daily and create an association of place by using clay and wood from specific places. This gives the work emotion, and meaning unique to the individual experiencing the work in relation to the individuals experience to the place. My art is made for people to form their own feelings toward each piece. The true meaning behind each piece is unique to each individual experiencing it. My goal is to make art that people want in their daily life to have, to hold, and to enhance one’s daily experience with beauty, and practicality.

Brighid Getten, Guest Artist

My name is Brighid and I am the creator behind Barn & Birch Woodworking. I am greatly inspired by the woods and all that inhabit it. My goal for each one of my pieces is to bring a little bit of nature into your home through furniture and art. When I am not in my workshop, you will likely find me wherever the animals are.