7339 Hill Rd., Two Harbors, MN

Gail Rosenquist, Host

Drawing, painting, color theory, and elements of design were my main focus during formal art education. Those aesthetic values are integral tools in my current artistic expression. As a young painter I returned again and again to the problem of expressing volume. When I tried working in clay, I knew it was my perfect medium. Even drawing and painting play into my ceramic compositions. Most of my work is intended for everyday use, and I want people to enjoy its unique sculptural qualities as a special treat.

Paul Zoldahn, Host

My clay work is functional for everyday use. With each kiln opening I look forward to the result of my process of creating surfaces of porcelain clay slips and interesting glaze combinations. The majority of my work is formed on a foot powered potters’ wheel, but I also hand build square plates and large platters or wall pieces with wheel formed bases. I decorate with thick porcelain slips brushed on or drizzled onto the freshly thrown clay. The raw dry clay is then brushed or sprayed with up to six glazes. Each series of pots is unique, glazed similarly but never identical. The raw glazed pots are then single fired to maturity. I fire the pottery in gas, electric, or wood kilns, each process lends a unique quality to the finished vessel. Exciting fluid surface decoration is achieved as the multiple glazes melt and combine, forming rivulets down the slipped surface of the pot. I want my work to be enjoyed for its aesthetic beauty during everyday use; eating, drinking, food preparation and serving.

Maria Brown, Guest

I work as an artist to quiet my mind and find my place in this busy world. I love the expressive and experimental ways that I can engage with mixed media and clay! Living on the North Shore of Lake Superior is one of the greatest privileges I’ve experienced as an artist. The power of the big lake, the deep woods, and the beautiful animals that call this land home are constant companions, and their presence can be felt in the emotion and life that I try to pour into my work. Each piece becomes a testament to the magic of this life!

Michael Kapsos, Guest

My focus is to create new ways to use traditional metal-smith techniques. With over 3 decades of experience in designing and creating jewelry, experimentation and simplicity have always been my motto. I’m inspired by nature, flowing forms and movement, color and light. My designs are modern and unpredictable using Argentium Silver, Copper and Bronze shaped around natural stones. My hope is that you enjoy them as much as I love creating them.