7339 Hill Rd., Two Harbors, MN

Gail Rosenquist, Host

When I was introduced to the tactile world of ceramics, I knew I had found my perfect medium. Nature, with her universal forms is my muse, and I am incredibly fortunate to live in beautiful surroundings that inspire me daily. 

My intention is to translate this beauty into my functional work to inspire a sense of wonder for the user.

Paul Zoldahn, Host

I began working in clay at St. Cloud State University while earning my BS degree, from
1972 to1978. My potters’ heart developed and grew through those studies.
With each kiln opening I look forward to seeing the results of thick clay slip application
and interactions of new glazes and glaze combinations on my pots.
I want my heartfelt work to be enjoyed for its aesthetic beauty during everyday use.

These photos have been cropped, please click on each to see the full image.

Sean MacManus, Guest

I am an artist expressing myself in the medium of stone, drawing inspiration from antiquity. Synthesizing natural and Gaelic influences, I explore methods of preserving an ancient art form, while staying relevant in contemporary times. I have an affinity with the abstract and symbolic elements that seemingly transcend time.

Melanie Lieb, Guest

I experiment with sensory environments. Nostalgia and memories and the natural world play a big role in my work.  My work is multifaceted and multimedia, a dissection of ideas that might be considered strange, obsolete or forgotten in everyday life. I make a space for moments that have no words. I create an alternate universe in which these ideas are pushed to their limits and the process, execution and evolution carry equal weight as the initial concept.