5119 McQuade Road, Duluth, MN 55804

Joan Bellin, Host

Overlooking Lake Superior from my home and studio at the McQuade Harbor, I feel gratitude. I’ve been able to work for a lifetime as a mixed media artist. 

What appears in my work, primarily through printmaking mediums, is not planned as much as sought. My screen-printed trees are planted in windbreak formation; my mono-printed waves are drawn and break against an engineered shore; a child’s compelling gaze is photo-transferred in a doorway. This visual merging of human constructions with the natural is where I find the balance I seek.

Robert DeArmond, Guest

Throughout my long career in clay, I have intentionally focused on producing work that is beautiful to look at, feels good in your hands, and enriches everyday life. I look to the natural world around me for inspiration. This is expressed in clean, simple forms, and traditional glazes combined with intentional, yet spontaneous, decorative elements. The glazed surfaces reflect colors found in nature. The decorative elements introduce texture and color. Working in high fire stoneware allows me to produce work that can be used on a daily basis. Since retiring from a long career in arts administration, I have reset my life by rediscovering my passion for clay. As the manager of the Duluth Art Institute’s Clay Studio, I have become reconnected with a vibrant clay community that enables me to be involved with artists of all ages and insights. My work continues to explore form and function while refining my personal style as a clay artist. t.

Karen Keenan, Guest

With a variety forms, surface textures, glaze techniques on stoneware and fire clays fired in gas or electric kilns, I strive to expand the range of artistic options for functional objects in the home.