5119 McQuade Road, Duluth, MN 55804

Joan Bellin, Host

I’ve recently established my studio in view of Lake Superior at the McQuade Harbor. What a privilege to be in the third generation of our family on this north shore site.

Above my studio desktop hangs a tree drawing from when I was 5 years old; the brown chalk liquefied as I drew lines in the wet background of cobalt blue finger paint. This grounding composition seems to have foreshadowed my lifelong work as a mixed media artist. It also gives a glimpse into the subjects and sensations that have been significant to me, such as trees planted to form a wind break; the breaking of water by the bow of an ore boat; or a compelling gaze from a child framed in a doorway. 

What appears in my work is not planned as much as sought. I mix mono-printing, drawing and photo imagery, seeking a sense of balance, merging human influences with the natural

Robert DeArmond, Guest

I am a functional potter producing work that is beautiful to look at and feels good in your hands. I work in high fire stoneware to create pieces that people can use everyday. My work looks to the natural world around me for inspiration with intentional, yet spontaneous, decorative elements. I am rediscovering my passion for clay after spending many years in arts administration. My goal is to continue to explore form and surfaces and to grow my personal style as a clay artist.

Karen Keenan, Guest

The resources I use for making objects for bodily adornment and practical use are common, close at hand, and natural: clay and human hair. Many individuals are familiar with clay objects, but are often stunned by the notion of using human hair to craft jewelry. 

Through my efforts I hope to bring attention to hairwork, an almost forgotten practice. Additionally, I strive to find ways to pair this art form with other resources, such as clay, beads, and found natural materials.