855 Stanley Rd., Two Harbors, MN

Jennifer Murphy, Host

My artwork aims to impart the same tranquility I enjoy while exploring the north woods and the shores of Lake Superior, as well as the quietude I feel while sculpting. The malleable, soothing, and tactile nature of the clay are what attracted me to ceramics. I use both wheel thrown and hand building techniques to create organic forms, which are inspired by the biodiversity of the forest floor.

I graduated in 2016 from the University of Wisconsin-Superior receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a Ceramics Concentration. I currently reside in Two Harbors where I work out of a little studio in my garage and fire my work in my kiln, “Loretta.”

Elliot Crompton, Guest

My artwork enables me to appreciate where I live. Working from my own reference photography allows me to look closer at these places and see them in a way I otherwise wouldn’t. Beyond connecting me with place, my work combines seeing through drawing, the tactile joy of carving with the simplicity of black ink on white paper. These transitions through mediums let me distill what I see down to its core.

Sandi Pillsbury

Lake Superior and its environment have greatly influenced my work for over 40 years. I recently took up the challenges and joys of painting outside, “en Plein Air.” I invite the viewer to look beyond the surface of my paintings, as each evokes a deeper meaning and beauty that goes beyond the painting itself.