1185 Shoreview Road, Two Harbors, MN

Shoreview Natives, Host

We are dedicated to helping home and business owners transform outdoor spaces into landscapes that support aesthetic, ecological, economic, and social goals. We specialize in installing gardens that feature local and regional native plant species, including flowers, grasses, sedges, shrubs, and trees.

These gardens directly support declining populations of pollinators, by providing habitat for monarch butterflies, native bees, honeybees, and a host of other pollinator species that are exhibiting major population decline.

We’ve been creating pollinator habitat, one yard at a time, since 2015 and look forward to working with you to do the same.

Kristen Pless, Guest

My work is aimed not at capturing an exact representation of my surroundings but at observing an atmosphere or emotional presence within a space. In the1920’s and early 1930’s avant-garde photographers made use of photomontage, tilted camera angles and in-camera manipulation to make their viewers question the reality of their images. I have made use of these qualities not to create doubt in reality, but as a means of capturing what is truly real. I never visit a place before I photograph there. When I shoot there is no pre-visualization used, as to focus on what is around me, and allow each environment to reflect itself on the film and to allow myself to be immersed in and affected by my surroundings. I like to think of my photographs as observations or perceptions; in essence creating a reality that exists somewhere between experience and memory.

Liz James, Guest

My forms are multiple assemblages that combine contrasting clay bodies, glazes and surfaces that are not direct representations of this environment but rather borrowed elements or essences. I introduce materials that typically would not be found in clay to create textures that represent nature and juxtapose the biomorphic organic forms with porcelain vessels that signify our human condition. Sensuous surfaces, muted colors, and fluid forms create a quiet relationship meant to entice the audience both visually and physically. The tactile and responsive character of clay continues to interest me and is an essential component of my artwork. Using clay as a creative device allows me to explore the perfect balance and depth with a visual texture that represents how this landscape intuitively blends our humanness to nature, memory, culture, history and ideology.

Jen Dietrich, Guest

I am a painter. My subject matter is dictated by the place I live. While in Fairbanks AK, the work focused on tree and landscapes. In Duluth MN, I was influenced by conceptual art while teaching at UMD and in Colorado the work focused entirely on horse imagery.  Now back in Northern MN, I am consumed by water and landscape compositions.  My practice is influenced by the intersection between memory, place and identity. A triangular unity between these three elements occurs consistently throughout my work. Memories of places I’ve lived weave into current landscape images that literally map my identity.  

After working with oil paints for over 35 years, I’ve developed a deep love of process that involves both additive and subtractive methods.  Compositions are sketched in the field.  Layers of thick paint is applied with palette knife and then the act of scraping, dripping and more application of thick luscious oil paint continues.

My current body of work combines active knife and brushwork with vibrant explosive color creating intense images.  Northern Minnesota holds many memories and I’m excited to begin this new body of work.

Kristen Kaas, Guest

I am interested in weaving processes that create unique and unusual textures and techniques that explore the creation of multi dimensional textiles. Through my weaving I seek to encourage playful interaction both visually and physically.  I am curious to explore how the tactile nature of textiles enhances our environment and how our interactions with these textiles elevate our daily experience. 

My work is both intuitive and analytical.  Initially idea and technically driven, my intent continues to evolve as the weaving advances.  Once engaged with the materials, the creative and tactile elements of hand weaving intersect with the technical and structured processes to encourage innovation.  With roots in traditional techniques my work takes a contemporary approach through its examination of texture, proportions, and dimension.  I am not interested in achieving perfection, and rather find the imperfect, the slightly off or askew to be far more intriguing.  I am attracted to contradictory elements, an example of this can be seen in my work through the use of delicate fine yarns being bundled together to create clumped, entwined, and seemingly disorganized contrasting textures.  With a profound connection and respect for traditional weaving methods and techniques my work seeks to carry this connection forward while pushing these boundaries whether through technique, materials, execution, or intent.