1377 Gun Club Rd, Two Harbors, MN 55616

Lisa Kosmo, Host

They say you really don’t paint until after you’re 50. That may be true, but to me it seems like I’m always rushing against time… even more these days.  Some of my paintings a very straight forward, but some like my women & animals may take a surrealistic turn. Every time I paint, I learn something new!

Dan Findley, Guest

My father enjoyed working with wood. When I got married we needed a little extra money, so my father and I made lightweight bent paddles for canoe racing. I have enjoyed playing with wood and remembering my dad over many years. Two years ago I needed something to occupy my time and playing with wood was perfect for the job. Then I needed an outlet for my pieces. I have enjoyed participating in 20/20 the past 2 years and I hope for many to come. I also needed to give back so all of my proceeds go to the Two Harbors Food Shelf.