5731 Ryan Rd, Duluth, MN 55804

Sarah Brokke, Host

My current body of work requires listening deeply, both to dreams and distant once-lived memory.  Through pain, darkness, and healing each work navigates the space between the external world and my internal life. Water becomes roots, which, in turn become veins; both a reality in dreams and in the mirror of nature found within our bodies. These meditative marks at times surround people who breathe the air around me; each embodying divinity in their very existence.  I believe by creating these lived-mythologies on canvas, I am manifesting a visual metamorphose..a story of becoming..

Chrissy Gildersleeve, Guest

Having lived ten years in the woods outside of Two Harbors, nestled on the North Shore, Chrissy Gildersleeve has worked to create functional pottery evoking nature through color and form.  Her work creates beauty through modern simplicity one can hold in their hands; human and tactile. Muted, organic tones are intended to elevate the objects put within each vessel.