Larsmont Schoolhouse – 701 Larsmont Road, Two Harbors, MN

Helen Hartley, Host

Creativity reaches into my soul,
Sooths me,
And expands me into my world.
My watercolors are often whimsical, you see.
Painting with alkyd reflects more of my reality.
Sculpturing with clay sets faces and figures free.
My subject matter generally reveals my loves to me.

Natalija Walbridge, Guest

Natalija’s creative passion is inspired by outdoor adventures and the desire to create lasting mementos for people who love exploring Northern Minnesota. Quality craftsmanship is built into every detail, from sourcing durable materials, to innovative pattern making and detailed sewing construction, every Dock 5 bag is built to last the journey of a lifetime!

Sheila Staubus, Guest

I work in clay. I want my work to be colorful. Sometimes elegance is desirable, sometimes humor. The power of suggestion, or the juxtaposition of many things fascinate me. I like to celebrate the ordinary. . . vines, birds snowflakes, things I see out my window, things that make me laugh.

Doug Jackson, Guest