Meet Guest Artist Sarah Flicek

Sarah Flicek is a returning guest to this year’s Lake Superior 20/20 Studio & Art Tour, known for her gorgeous jewelry. We asked her a few questions about working as an artist and visiting the North Shore.

What do you like the most about visiting the North Shore?

The North Shore is our playground!  I live west of Minneapolis with my three boys. We are an adventurous family and we love our journeys to the North Shore. We like to say the North Shore is our stomping grounds and definitely our favorite place to get away! 

Sarah Flicek and her fantastic jewelry!

As an artist in the tour, what are you most excited about?

I was invited to join this tour as a guest artist in 2016 and have been coming back ever since. I love this show for many reasons: I get to meet amazing artists & see their work, seeing others’ creating spaces is always interesting and the settings and vistas are delightful! I love the intimacy of this studio tour on the North Shore.

Silver pendants by Sarah Flicek

What is it that you enjoy about working in your medium?

Creating is my passion. The process of working in metal answers my innate need to be precise and the freedom and creativity of being an artist. I come to the studio with an idea and allow it to transpire as I create into a beautiful design.  I am most often inspired by life’s adventures, nature’s beauty and the kindred human spirit. 

Sarah can be found at studio stop CB. Click the button below to learn more: