2019 Artist Highlight

Meet Host Artist Gail Rosenquist!

Gail Rosenquist is one of the Lake Superior 20/20 Studio Tour’s Hosts, located at studio GR/PZ. Gail’s ceramics are known for their swirling organic forms. She works in a country studio tucked away on the outskirts of Two Harbors, MN. She described what it is like to live and work in such a unique and beautiful place.

What do you like most about living and working on the north shore?

I love the quiet distance from city street noise where I can listen to nature’s calming chatter. I can work in silence and look out the studio window, or take a break and watch the pond and garden life. In winter I can look out at the gorgeous forms that fallen snow makes on spent summer forms. The quiet nature of snow is an amazing meditation. I am able to lose myself in art work at our home in the woods.

Ceramics by Gail Rosenquist

What are you most excited about for participating in the tour?

I of course love when visitors enjoy my artwork, and maybe take it home with them, but for me the best part  is visiting with new and old friends at our studio and showing them around the place.

What is it that you enjoy most about working in your medium?

I love the earthy tactile nature of clay and the opportunity to create on the fly.

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